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State vaccine choice groups

AZ Coalition for Vaccine Awareness —Facebook
CA California Coalition for Health Choice —Facebook
CA California Coalition for Vaccine Choice — Facebook
CA Californians for Vaccine Choice — Facebook
CA Our Kids Our ChoiceFacebook

CT Coalition for Vaccine Rights — Facebook
FL Sarasota for Vaccination Choice
ID Vaccine Rights Idaho
ME Coalition for Vaccine Choice — Facebook
MI Opposing Mandatory Vaccines (MOM) — Facebook
MN Vaccine Awareness Minnesota
MS Parents for Vaccine Rights
 — Facebook
NH Health Freedom New Hampshire — Facebook
NH Vax Choice NH —Facebook
NC Parents for Vaccine Rights (NCPVR) — Facebook
NJ Coalition for Vaccination ChoiceFacebook
NY My Kids My ChoiceFacebook
OR Oregonians for Medical Freedom — Facebook

OR Oregonians for Vaccine Truth and Healthcare Choice — Facebook
OR Oregonians for Medical FreedomFacebook
PA Coalition for Informed Consent (PCIC)
TX Texans for Medical Freedom — Facebook
VT Coalition for Vaccine ChoiceFacebook
WA Vaccine Freedom for Washington — Facebook
WI Wisconsin Vaccine Information Center — Facebook
WY Wyoming Chapter of Vaccination Liberation

Americans for Vaccine Choice — Facebook
A Voice For Choice
People Against Mandatory Vaccinations — Facebook