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Welcome to Health freedom action

Americans want to understand the medicine and technology in our lives and in our bodies.

In international human rights law, it’s called “prior, free and informed consent.” It applies to any preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic medical intervention. And the person concerned must receive adequate information before making the decision.

Health freedom is a fundamental human right.


It’s not just about human rights law. Divine law, natural law, and the laws of this land all uphold fundamental freedoms and inalienable rights. These rights cannot be surrendered. They aren’t supposed to be voted on.

But that’s exactly what’s happening.

Fear and misinformation have bred a spate of bills — about 125 in 38 states — that would increase new vaccine mandates, strengthen state police powers, and eliminate the right to choose. These bills are attempting to legislate what’s rightfully ours.

Vaccines require the injection of foreign substances into the body. The stakes are high in the vaccine debate as they are for all other health freedom concerns.

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The question isn’t whether or not you think vaccination is the right thing to do. The question is whether you think you should maintain the ability to make that decision for your children, or if you are going to let the government take it from you.

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